Tryko Partners, through Marquis Health Services, provides warm living and working environments, and impeccable customer service at our healthcare facilities – illustrating a deep commitment to patients, families, communities and the industry. We focus on providing top-level care and improving the integrity of each and every asset. This includes incorporating innovative rehabilitation and clinical programs that bridge any regional healthcare gaps and help our properties stay ahead of the game. As a third-generation nursing home operator, Marquis brings a senior team with deep experience; decades of practice; and a wealth of knowledge, ideas and best practices for adapting to the changing healthcare industry.

We currently are involved in approximately 3,000 skilled nursing beds through Marquis Health Services, our in-house healthcare division.

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New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center Launches Bedside Hemodialysis (Easton, Pa.)

Marquis Health Services has contracted with DaVita Kidney Care to bring staff-assisted bedside hemodialysis to its New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Easton. The new offering is designed to improve patient quality of life while significantly reducing hospital readmissions, and it continues Marquis’ programming enhancements following the completion of a multi-million-dollar capital campaign to modernize the 97-bed facility. Traditionally, skilled nursing residents with end-stage renal disease have been transported to dialysis clinics for lengthy treatments three times weekly. Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services approved portable dialysis to be administered in skilled nursing environments. Located at 2125 Fairview Ave., New Eastwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center provides post-hospital care, short-term rehab and long-term residential care; it is adjacent to Easton Hospital and maintains a five-star rating from CMS.

“This treatment delivery option further enables us to improve the health and quality of life of our patients at New Eastwood living with end-stage renal disease – it’s a real game changer. Marquis and DaVita have been active in the Lehigh Valley for many years, focused on the healthcare needs of the community. Our expanding partnership with DaVita will benefit our residents at New Eastwood.” Norman Rokeach, Chief Executive Officer, Marquis Health Services


Collingswood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center Named One of Maryland’s “Best Nursing Homes 2020” (Rockland)

A $4.5 million renovation in the works at Collingswood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, and recognition as one of Maryland’s “Best Nursing Homes 2020” in Newsweek reflect enhancements in quality care and services at the 160-bed Rockville skilled nursing facility. Marquis Health Services acquired Collingswood in early 2019 and recently introduced a physician-led Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program designed to promote independence and quality of life through the reduction of pulmonary symptoms and decreased disability in acute and chronic lung patients. The firm’s renovation at Collingswood is creating a modern, hospitality-focused environment for patients and staff. Improvements include the addition of approximately 30 private rooms and expansions of the therapy gym and common spaces. Located at 299 Hurley Ave., approximately 18 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., Collingswood provides post-hospital care, short-term rehab and long-term residential care.

“At Collingswood and all Marquis facilities, we pride ourselves on focusing on taking everything from clinical acuity to customer service to the next level – every day of the year. This philosophy plays an essential role in our commitment to ensuring quality outcomes for our patients to the best of our ability.” Norman Rokeach, Chief Executive Officer, Marquis Health Services


Orchard Hill Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center Launches Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program (Towson, Md.)

Orchard Hill Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, a Marquis Health Services member, has launched a new Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at the 134-bed skilled nursing facility in Towson. Dr. Mitchell Schwartz and his team at Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates of Baltimore (PCCAB) are overseeing the new initiative. Orchard Hill’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program focuses on promoting independence and quality of life through reducing pulmonary symptoms and decreasing disability in acute and chronic lung patients, while increasing their participation in physical and social activities. Program features include onsite and full-time respiratory therapy, routine physician evaluations, physical and occupational therapy seven days per week (as ordered), 24-hour licensed nursing supervision, nurses and therapists trained in basic and advanced cardiac life support, and discharge planning with onsite follow-up by a nurse practitioner. Located at 111 West Road, Orchard Hill provides post-hospital care, short-term rehab and long-term residential care.

“Dr. Schwartz and his team are well known in the region and highly regarded for their medical expertise. Under this capable leadership, our new pulmonary initiative at Orchard Hill will enable us to provide the top-quality care needed by clinically complex patients dealing with pulmonary issues.” Norman Rokeach, Chief Executive Officer, Marquis Health Services


Numerous Tryko Partners healthcare properties receive five-star ratings in U.S. News & World Report’s annual Best Nursing Homes feature.