Senior Management

Yitzchok Rokowsky

Chief Executive Officer

Specializes in financial management, transaction analysis and acquisition strategy for real estate investments and developments spanning all property types.

Yonah Kohn


Well known for maximizing property value through rapid turnarounds and achieving above-average occupancy rates. His family’s involvement in the nursing home sector spans three decades.

Uri Kahanow

Director of Acquisitions

Leads Tryko Partners’ property acquisition and disposition strategy, from deal selection and due diligence, through negotiating and closing even the most complex transactions.

Chad Buchanan

Chief Investment Officer

Manages the firm’s lending and investment relationships. He holds responsibility for underwriting and structuring individual transactions, as well as overall financial portfolio management.

Norman Rokeach

Chief Executive Officer, Marquis Health Services

Administers Tryko’s skilled nursing portfolio with a focus on top-level care and customer service.

Ari Holtz

Chief Financial Officer

Manages finance, reporting, risk and regulatory activities across Tryko Partners. Prior to his current role, he was a senior manager at Ernst & Young’s assurance practice and served as its national real estate industry resident.